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Hole #1

This hole is a straightaway par 4 that measures 429 yards from the blue tees. Rated as one of the toughest holes in Southern California, mid-to-high handicappers should hit a high percentage tee shot and play the hole as a short par 5. Long ball hitters should favor the left side. The ball will kick to the right, so you may want to add a half to full club for an uphill approach shot.


Hole #2

A dogleg left reachable hole for long hitters if the tees are up or you have the wind at your back. A right to left tee shot is ideal. Add a half-to-full club for an uphill approach shot. The green is a little faster than you think, if you are putting.


Hole #3

The ideal tee shot here is a driver aimed at the left greenside bunker. This gives you a flat lie and takes the right bunker out of play on the second shot. If you lay-up, leave yourself 150-160 yards to avoid a downhill lie. The green slopes severely downhill, so try to stay below the hole for an uphill putt.


Hole #4

This is a challenging and lengthy 584-yard par 5 that is reachable downwind in the wintertime. Be careful of the out of bounds on the second and approach shots. Long hitters try to lay-up 90-100 yards to avoid the fairway bunker left center. Subtract half a club for your approach.


Hole #5

Favor the right center on the tee shot. Long hitters may entertain a fairway wood off the tee. The middle and front of the green slopes downhill, so try to stay below the hole for uphill putts.


Hole #6

Subtract 5-10 yards for this challenging downhill par 3. Hitting the green is a must. Favor the right portion of the green. If you pull it left, it will kick left and you might end up in the outhouse.


Hole #7

Hole number 7, one of Knollwood’s most scenic holes, is a 380-yard par 4. Favor right center on the tee shot. Add half a club for an approach shot to well-bunkered green. If the pin is back, try to stay below the hole.


Hole #8

Add 5-10 yards for this uphill par 3. Favor the left side of the green to avoid the bunker. A miss to the right could hit the cart path and end up on Knollwood Drive.


Hole #9

A challenging par 4…known as “Cardiac Hill” to walkers. Long hitters may consider a 3 wood to take the fairway bunker and the ledge on the right out of play. Add a full club for an uphill approach shot. Favor the left on your approach shot… a miss to the right could be the beginning of a high number. The green slopes from back to front.


Hole #10

A very difficult, short par 4. A 200 yard lay-up is ideal. Aim to the right of the pin on the approach…the ball kicks left. It’s tough to get the ball close on the well-sloped green.


Hole #11

A very reachable uphill par 5. Add a half-to-full club for the approach shot. The green breaks left from below the hole.


Hole #12

Long hitters lay-up short of the fairway bunkers or blow it over the corner of the cart path. Add 5-10 yards to the approach shot. The large green slopes moderately from back to front.


Hole #13

Add a half-to-full club for this uphill par 3, which is one of the most difficult greens on the course. The ball breaks more than you think it will when putting across the green. Also, beware of the speed when you are above the hole.


Hole #14

A reachable par 4 for long hitters. Beware the small hazard with rocks 10 yards short of the green. A 200 yard lay-up is sufficient…. guard against fairway bunkers on the right.


Hole #15

A difficult dogleg left if the tees are to the left. A 3-wood or driver with a draw is the shot you want. If you are a slicer, try a 5-wood over the corner. The approach shot is downhill, so subtract some yardage… especially if you are on the left near the 150 marker.


Hole #16

A reachable par 5 measuring 502 yards from the blue tees. Watch fairway bunker on right side for second shot. The ball kicks to the left on approach shot. Stay below and to the left of the pin if it’s tucked right.


Hole #17

This short par 3 hole, measuring 126 yards from the blue tees, should be played a full club shorter than the yardage. Don’t let the short yardage fool you—you might end up in one of the eight bunkers surrounding the green.


Hole #18

An easy, downhill par 4 measuring 371 from the blue tees. Long hitters should hug the right side to see the pin on the approach. Don’t worry about the fairway bunker on the left, there is room long and left. The green is very deep, so pay attention to pin position. It breaks less than it appears.


Back42953833458438217338016736833553584753331563033945021263713018637370.1 / 12377.1 / 133
Middle41747431253435015736115034330983524553011502843774791213462865596368.1 / 11873.5 / 129
Handicap1513311159177 46816142121810    
Par M/W4
Forward4054602894953461353451353252935334452296140293382463873322779571473.1 / 126
Handicap9113311175157 62121614481810    

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